The good folks at Epilog Laser release a lot of tips on their website, most of them good¹.  This one is about cleaning the soot off laser etched and cut wood.

Fast Orange and Gojo are orange oil based hand cleaners that are a must have at any workshop.  They remove grease, grime and soot off hands so why not wood?  The cleaners do wonders for removing smoke residue as well as char. I have gotten clean (no black marks) vector cut wood pieces using these and would recommend them to anyone.

The only caveat I would add is to avoid the pumice solution.  It’s unnecessary and adds a lot of time to get all the little  pumice bits out of your etching.

For the extremely lazy, get the Fast Orange Hand Wipes!

¹Most of the advice on the Epilog website is good however even they get it wrong sometimes.  For about a year, they had a sample club write up on Neoprene which actually has PVC in it.  When lasering PVC, the fumes release HCl gas that is hazardous to your health, damages the machine by rusting metal pieces and voids the warranty.  Read everything online with a critical eye.