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Redwood bowl

While redwood is a softwood (and normally something I’d avoid), this piece came from a fresh/green chunk I picked up from an arborist. Came out far better than I expected!

Deer antler pen

Deer antler turned pen

Deer shed their antlers every season and these antlers make for a very interesting material. While it does dull tools quite quickly and smells odd when being worked, it makes for a beautiful pen.

Stabilized maple burl rollerballs

Maple burl is an overlooked wood because of its difficulty in working. When stabilized though it makes for an amazing pen


Mission Stands is live!

We have officially launched the laptop stand project which has been named “Mission Stands”. ┬áCheck out the full e-commerce site and product testing video!

Mission Stands Website

Laptop Stands – Action Shots!

My friend Michael was kind enough to snap some action shots of the stands doing their work at the OpenDNS office.